BSc Anesthesia & Operation Theater Technology

Anaesthesia Technology specialists are allied healthcare professionals who assist in the management and monitoring of anaesthesia and has an all-encompassing knowledge of anaesthesia techniques, technology, supplies, and instruments. Anaesthetists are the single largest hospital medical speciality and their skills are utilised in all facets of patient care. Besides, anaesthetists have a range of practice that expands beyond anaesthesia comprising intensive care and pain management. In India, many institutions and universities offer Anaesthesia Technology Course, thereby providing opportunities to students to take up the profession of an Anaesthetist.

Operation Theatre Technology is a detailed technical occupation in the field of health science. These medical professionals are an important part of the operation unit team who work alongside with the surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurse in order to provide quality patient care throughout the surgery.

Course Details

Under Graduate (BSc)

Course Duration 3 Year Degree + 1 Year Intership
UniversityRajiv Gandhi University

Lateral Entry

Course Duration 2 Year Degree + 1 Year Internship
UniversityRajiv Gandhi University

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